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Our Bartending Job Placement Assistance

Local Job Placement Program:

Our campus offers local job placement assistance to all of our graduates. Upon graduation, the graduate may report to the job placement office for one-on-one job placement assistance. . Our schools have achieved a job placement rate of over 90% over the last five years.

IMG_7183Upon graduation, the graduate may report to the job placement office for one-on-one job placement assistance. During this placement interview, our placement director will fill out a graduate profile card that helps us keep the graduates wants and needs handy.

Our placement director will work to determine at what type of bar the graduate wishes to work. The placement director will recommend bars from our current list of available jobs to the student. In addition, the placement director calls students with new job openings as they come in to the school if they meet the student's requirements.

Our job placement director is responsible for maintaing a current list of job openings for our students. Bar owners and managers regularly call our schools when they have an opening for a bartender. In addition, our staff makes regular calls to bars and restaurants to help them meet their staffing needs. Our services are free to bars and restaurants, and we work very hard to help them meet their staffing goals.

Our school has placed its graduates at some of the areas best bars. You may view many pictures of our graduates taken behind the bar on our graduates pictures page.

Whether you want to work at a friendly neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name, or the fanciest hot spot downtown, we'll try hard to find the right bar for you. Our job placement director takes a personal interest in each student while they are in our school and understands that each student has a different need.

Nationwide Job Placement

We offer nationwide job placement assistance to our graduates at over 75 locationsEach of our Kansas City Bartending School graduates is also eligible to use our nationwide job placement assistance program. We currently have 36 PBSA campuses and have contracted with 50 additional campuses to mutually help each others graduates.

With 36 campuses, PBSA is the nation's largest group of independently-owned bartending schools.

We have signed, written contracts for placement services at these additional campuses and monitor them for their results. We feel we have the best schools for placement in the industry.

Any Kansas City graduate may call our job placement director at the school if they are considering relocating to verify we have a school in their new city for placement.

Once the student has relocated to the new city , our job placement director will call the new school for the student and set up their job placement appointment for them.

The student then simply reports to the new campus and shows their PBSA diploma and all of the new cities job openings are available to them at no charge. The new school will treat the graduate like one of their own. The graduate may use job placement services at the new campus as often as they like.

Our nationwide job placement program is a great way to see the country while earning a good living.

Online Job Placement

Our Kansas City Bartending School graduates may check our online jobs database 24/7 from any internet enabled computer!Our Kansas City bartending school offers online job placement assistance program to all of our graduates. Upon graduation, the graduate may report to the job placement office for one-on-one job placement assistance.

At that time, each graduate is given a username and password to access our online jobs database.This great program has been one of the most popular services we offer according to our student surveys.

The online job placement program allows the graduate to check current job openings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Students may log in and check our current jobs from work, home or any internet-enabled computer.

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